July 24, 2014


I usually write on my blog when I feel a need to. I mean when there is a pressing matter that I really want to address. Sometimes, it's because I want to share something great or vent out about something frustrating. Less often, but it happens, I also feel inspired to write. Today, however, I do not exactly know what's motivating me to write this. I'm thinking, it's a relaxing thing.

It's six months before our wedding and Marc and I are so excited. Sure, there's still a lot to be done, but the "crunch time" part of it is not yet here. Our rings have arrived from Hong Kong and I can't help but gush about how pretty they look. A part of Marc wants us to wear them already, and a part of me agrees. Haha. By the grace of God, we have also found an apartment cozy and at the same time roomy enough to accommodate us. I'll be living there starting August to hopefully alleviate the stress and fatigue incurred by the torture that is EDSA. Marc will be joining me there after we get married. Until then, I'm thinking of offering our place as a venue for my Sunday D-group. Marc consents. That is, when we get chairs and tables and such furniture. So, yeah, I'm totally excited about that, too.

Also, we have purchased our first conjugal property! 

So timely, since we're leaving tomorrow for Caramoan. It's shock proof and water proof. Hopefully, I'd have quality pictures to share when we get back.

Ummm... what else? Marc and I are still attending classes in CCF. We're now studying Galatians. It's not as in-depth as I thought it would be, but it's a good start. Marc's group there has officially become his D-group. In addition to our singles D-group, we have started attending a couple's one, too.

Last July 12, 2014, Marc & I got baptized. Got the certificates to prove it, too. (happy dance)

So, that's about it for the past three weeks or so. God has been busy bestowing grace upon grace on us, crossing off items on my list one by one. To Him be all the glory. :)

June 17, 2014

Sign of the End Times

I honestly do not know exactly how to proceed with this, but I know that I definitely have to say something. I do not know how many people actually do read my blog; I think there is none, but nonetheless, I need to get this off my chest.

Ok, so a sister of a celebrity recently said some things in public television, and as everything and everyone is sensitive about religion, she got bashed and there were so much bad comments and untruths that made it hard for me to read further. Anyway, I am in no way saying that everything she said was correct nor am I saying that majority of it were. I simply feel the need to address some of the comments posted thereafter.

Exhibit A: I do not know what kind of "believer" his mom and siblings are, but regardless of what it is that they believe in, (in the context of the topic, it's probably in God) I don't think it's fair for them to call Alex tanga. Second point, on reading the Bible: The Bible is not a crystal ball. It is not something you look into in pieces, out of context. For example, if you are deep in debt and decided to look into the Bible to get enlightenment, and chance upon Judas' story after the betrayal when he hanged himself... is that even logical? No. It's not a toy you shake (magic 8-ball) and expect answers based on your understanding and then depend your life on it. Ultimately, it takes the Holy Spirit's wisdom and guidance to understand the Bible. It does not give you doubts, on the contrary, it tells you exactly what your purpose in life is. Doubts arise from not having the patience to learn the context. It is why we have to attend Sunday Service in church. The doubts come from not having the Holy Spirit's guidance and being pilosopo as a result. Also, religion and belief are two different things. Belief is a way of life. Christianity is a way of life. As for the additional comment, it just seems to have come from a very bitter and very angry person.

Exhibit B: As there are mistakes in what Alex has publicly shared, there are also holes in this comment. Let's face it, we are not perfect. Again, religion and belief are not the same. Religion has never been a ticket to salvation, but belief/faith in Jesus Christ is. Claiming to have a god on their side does not necessarily mean it really is God on their side. Isn't it common sense to understand that when these people committed the atrocities, then these people are just probably worshiping a god based on their understanding, which, I repeat, should not be the case. I absolutely agree that "Believing in an imaginary being is not a guarantee that you'll end up a better person", which is why I believe in the Alpha-Omega, and not an imaginary one. Lastly, while religion does not necessarily modify behavior, belief does. For the Nth time, religion and belief are not the same. If you truly believe something is real or a fact, won't that dictate your behavior?

Exhibit C: Actually, all non-believers and all believers are sinners. Romans 3:23 For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

Exhibit D: By the way, Alex is not Catholic. (At least from what I gather.) Second, what makes the pope the authority over people who are not Catholic? Also, John 3:16, For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. God & Son (Jesus Christ) = eternal life, the rest = perish.

Exhibit E: If this person was a true believer, he/she wouldn't be "wala akong pakialam sa mga taong iba yung religion or walang religion".
"A believer is ready to serve everybody wherever he can. He cannot but profess the gospel before men, even though he foresees that he can reap nothing but ridicule and scorn for it; yes, he is ready also to give his life for the gospel" - C.F.W. Walthers

Again, I am not actually saying that everything Alex has said is true, nor do I agree with everything she said, but what I am saying is that these comments are not true or have faulty basis as well.

Hay, it's scary how things like this happen more and more frequently lately. Indeed the end times are upon us.

June 16, 2014

Before I Do (Part 2) Marriage Takes Three

I promised to do a part 2 and 3 on the Before I Do post I did in the beginning of May. After going through the May 10 workshop and the others that followed, I decided to do more breakdowns. Sorry for the delay. Here is part 2:

So, I'd like to break it down to the three components in a marriage: God, Husband, and Wife. The Before and After I Do workshop provided a great illustration on this:

Obviously, as with everything, the marriage should be centered on God. He is to be your anchor, your basis for everything. As the husband and wife focus on their relationship with God and grow closer to Him, they grow closer to each other at the same time. 

Although it seems to be such a thing of common sense, I learned a lot from this. I learned that you're not supposed to go into a relationship expecting your partner to complete you. You both have to be complete in Christ, because two incomplete people can't make each other whole. People disappoint, people fail, people may not always be there, but ultimately, our God is, and forever will be perfect. Marriage is not a give and take with your spouse. It is always a give. You take from God. He alone could sustain you. Whatever overflows from that, you give to your spouse and loved ones. Amazing? I know, right?! So much enlightenment!

May 4, 2014


I'd like to promote the blogs of a couple of wonderful ladies, who write about their walk with Christ in their marriage, in being super moms, and in being a woman of the Lord. 

Joy Tan-chi, author of teachwithjoy.com
She's the daughter of our Pastor in CCF. She has been through a lot, and have inspired a lot. A mother of 5, a supportive wife to her husband, and an overall inspiring woman. You may browse through her blog for more information, or find videos through youtube. I don't know her personally apart from these, so I hope she doesn't mind me sharing this with you. If it will be for God's glory, why not, right?

Liana Perete author of http://coffeetalkswithhim.wordpress.com/
We met through her husband, who is a colleague of mine. Her thirst for Christ is amazing, and her lamp is burning ever so brightly, lighting up not only the nooks and crannies of her home, but spilling over everyone around her as well.

The links are listed on my blog roll (Blog Hopping portion) as well. Happy reading!

Before I Do (Part 1)

Now I'm not going to pretend that I am a great example of how to be a perfect bride-to-be, nor am I claiming that my relationship with Marc is immaculate. I am far from pristine, and our relationship is a perpetual work in progress. For me, that's the exciting part: we get to experience God continuously working in our lives and our marriage.

What little I know about being ready for marriage, I'm about to share in this part 1 post, as I am currently in that state of my life. After that, I'll do a part 2 on what the Bible says about it. Then next week or sometime around that, I'll be doing a part 3 wherein I'll be adding on and/or correcting what I wrote on parts 1 & 2. This is after Marc and I attend CCF's "Before and After I Do" workshop seminar on May 10.

For soon-to-be weds and newlyweds, I'd like to invite you to attend this. It's at CCF main in Tiendesitas, on May 10, 2014, 8:30AM - 5:00PM. Registration on the day is at 1000Php per couple. For more information, you may check CCF's website: www.ccf.org.ph

Marc and I are about to tie the knot on January. Before deciding to marry, we had a few of "the talk". Basically, there are the negotiables and the non-negotiables. I'm focusing on the non-negotiables because, well, they're the important ones. Here are ours:
1. We had to both be Christians. When we became girlfriend and boyfriend, he wasn't a Christian yet. Although I stressed the importance of my faith even before, it was a disobedience on my part at the time, and I wouldn't advice the same to anyone. It was sheer grace from God that he became a Christian, December of 2013. An important note: A Christian not only by words, but by walk.
2. Before getting married, we have to prepare ourselves: Physically - we wouldn't be able to take care of each other if we're sickly or weak, would we? Emotionally - we had to make sure we didn't have any emotional baggage from past relationships. Spiritually - in such a way that we have strong morals; our hearts being in tune with Christ's. More on that on part 2. I'd like to add also, just to clearly state the obvious: Absolutely no sex before marriage. Financially - not necessarily millionaires, but enough so we don't start our married life in debt, and we have enough not to be dependent on other people, i.e. parents for our survival. Maturity - are we ready to leave our single life and prioritize the welfare of each other over our own?
3. We have concrete plans. Not the typical we fall in love, get married, live happily ever after. More like, how much do we budget for the wedding, how much do we need as start up for our future, how much emergency fund we need to maintain, where do we live after getting married, how do we support ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually in our marriage, etc.
4. I almost forgot this very important part. When I prayed about getting married, the passage God gave me was about honoring my parents. With this in mind, we had to make sure both sets of parents were on board with this. Marc talked to his parents, and when they confirmed that they approved of me, he asked for my parents' blessings before proposing to me. (I know, I have a wonderful husband-to-be. All thanks and glory be to God.) Imagine not having to deal with monster in-laws! Bliss!
The point is that, getting married is not only about the wedding, but the marriage. It's not a one day thing that you plan for. It's an everyday decision to keep loving your spouse and your kids; an everyday effort to learn, love, and grow together. It's being sensitive to your future family's needs more than ever, every single day... and on that note, I'd like to end with Gary Chapman's The 5 Love Languages. 

I've had the pleasure of reading the short version and it gave me so much helpful insights and I've been trying my best to apply what I've learned ever since. I'm planning to buy the paperback copy soon.